Flying In Lucid Dreams: Think and Swim

By: Jonathan Joseph

One of the most exciting activities in dreaming is flying.  Climbing and diving, traveling huge distances or just tooling around your neighborhood; it's an experience that is only available in dreams.   In fact, many people decide that they want to learn how to lucid dream solely because they want to experience flying.  Dream flying is truly memorable, and it’s one of the first things you should try doing the moment after you perform a reality check and realize you’re dreaming. 

Even though flying is possible in dreams, the skill doesn’t necessarily come easily.  Here are a few tips for flying in lucid dreams.

Dream flying is not a physical activity per se.  

Flying requires focused intent to get airborne.  You really do have to “think” your way into the air.  Start by looking at a target in front of or above you, and think about floating over to it.  Just float.  Then, even deeper than “thinking” your way to flight, you must begin to embrace the feeling of flying.  Start feeling what would it feel like to be moving through the air while floating to your target.  But how would you know what it feels like if you’ve never done it?  It doesn’t matter.  The feeling serves the intention.  Start slow, and soon it will begin to feel natural.  

Passive flying is for the birds.

I know I just said that dream flying isn’t a physical activity, and that’s absolutely true.  You don’t need to move anything to fly in dreams.  However, if you use your body to aid in flight you can further solidify the flight intention, as well as make the dream more stable and prolong the experience.  Since flying is often thought of as a passive activity (put your arms out and glide just like a bird), it’s not very conducive to dream stabilization.  Vigorous body movement is incredibly helpful, and even necessary, to stabilizing, clarifying and holding a lucid dream.        

How do you fly without the dream falling apart? 

The best solution I’ve found to do this is to act like I’m swimming through the air while flying.  I move my arms and legs like I’m doing a swimmer’s freestyle stroke to move forward, and I’ll kind of flap my arms vertically like I’m ascending from the bottom of a pool, in order to gain altitude.  This swimming technique also helps in giving your mind a very natural and familiar way to increase or decrease the speed of your flight.  Want to go faster?  Use stronger more aggressive swimming strokes.  Want to slow down?  Thrust your arms out like air-brakes.  You can even leisurely float by above a city street with short, quick swimming strokes.  This movement will keep your dream sable, as well as give your mind an actual technique to develop your flying skills around.  Even though it’s a dream, repetition and experience still make you better at any skill; just like in waking life.  Only progress happens faster in dreams. 

Try it out next time you take flight in a lucid dream and see how it works for you. 

Dream well.  

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