Lucid Dream Meditation Stack

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Lucid Dream Meditation Stack

The most powerful meditation aid to prime your dream mind; day and night.

Use one of these harmonic tracks 1-3 times per day, every day, for at least 21 days. Each time visualize yourself dreaming that night.  Start to create your desired dreamscape through these short waking meditations.  What do you want to see, do and learn?

This will not only jump start your Dream Awareness and Lucid Dream practice, but will also serve to relax, balance and focus your mind throughout the day. 

Engineered with proven binaural beat technology.

The Josoubi Dream Meditation Stack contains 8 broad spectrum binaural beat tracks. Each one is a different length and frequency combination so you can customize your personal daily stack.   

Here’s a sample of the Alpha harmonic.  Be sure to listen with headphones.  


 Track List:

  1. 10 Minute Re-Center:  Alpha 
  2. 15 Minute Brain Boost: Alpha, Beta, Gamma
  3. 15 Minute De-Stress: Alpha, Theta, Alpha
  4. 30 Minute Relaxed Focus: Alpha, Theta, Delta, Theta, Alpha
  5. 45 Minute Deep Trance: Alpha, Theta, Delta, Theta, Delta, Theta, Alpha
  6. 60 Minute Full Spectrum: Alpha, Theta, Delta, Theta, Delta, Theta, Alpha, Beta, Gamma
  7. 35 Minute Sleep Aid (unwind before bed / as falling asleep): Alpha, Theta, Delta
  8. 90 Minute Early Morning Dreams (90 mins before you must wake for the day):* Theta, Delta, Theta, Delta, Theta, Alpha  

    *This track mimics a full sleep cycle with an extended REM period.  Set your alarm for 90mins before you must wake for the day. Put on headphones with low volume, lay on your back and go back to sleep.  You may not completely fall asleep right away, but you should find yourself dipping in and out of the dream state, and having vivid and possibly lucid dreams.   

    Note:  90 Minute Early Morning Dreams is not intended to be used everyday.  1 or 2 times per week is a suggestion.   It can also be used as a 90 minute extreme-deep meditation while awake.      Do not use these tracks while driving or operating machinery. 


    All harmonic tones are tuned to the A4 = 432Hz base.

    There is no music or voice guided meditation overlaid on the beats.  This is because music and voice over can become too familiar to the mind, and possibly stifle new visualizations.  The tracks in this pack can be used over and over every day, with complete freedom to focus and visualize on anything you choose. 


    Many people find traditional binaural beats difficult to listen to because they are based on only one tone which can become irritating over time.   Josoubi Harmonic Binaural Beats are constructed from layered tones to create a pleasing harmonic in each brainwave spectrum.


     Experiment with these tracks, and build your own dream meditation routine.  And remember, all tracks must be listened to through headphones.  


    When using any of these tracks, sit, recline or lay in a comfortable spot and close your eyes.  

    -Start by taking 10 deep breaths, counting them backwards from 10 to 1.  Then focus on relaxing one part of your body at a time: 


    - Tell yourself: “My feet are relaxed, my calves are relaxed, my knees are relaxed" etc.


    - Notice the warmth and relaxation in each part of the body the you focus on.   


    Once relaxed you will find it easy to keep your mind clear.  You can then begin your focused dream visualizations, affirmations, or just focus on the relaxing tone in your ears, and let your mind create it's own dreamscape.   


    It’s a thrilling experience to observe your mind flex its creative muscles while you take a back seat and let your imagination run free.  Anytime you want to, you can take back control.  


    Upon completion of the track you will feel refreshed, focused and balanced.  Each time you relax and focus like this, you are energizing and preparing your dream mind for tonight's intended dreams!


    Intention is the key to Dream Awareness!


    Each track has 5 minutes of silence at the end to be sure that it doesn’t immediately roll into the next track on your device, possibly jarring you out of your mindful state.

    Dream Awareness and Lucid Dreaming are valuable life-long habits that will change the way you see yourself and enjoy your life experience.