Lucid Dream"Am I Dreaming?" Reality Check Bracelet

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 Lucid Dream Reality Check Bracelet

As you move through your day tomorrow, will what will your reality check reminder be?  You can now make your lucid dream reality checks part of your personal style. This Lucid Dream Reality Check Bracelet will keep your dream mind primed in waking life, and quietly remind you of the opportunity for excitement and exploration that awaits you each night.

“Am I Dreaming?” is engraved in the matte finish stainless steel cylinder which provides the subtle reality check reminder 25%-30% of the time you glance at your wrist.  This is so you don't become desensitized to the reminder, and ensures you take notice each time you see the engraving.

Opposite the cylinder is a matte finish rounded rectangle with the Oneironaut Mark extruded from the surface to give you a tactile-based reality check option.  Run your thumb along the ridges as another way to test your reality. 


Examples of reality checks:

- Try to push your finger through your palm, or your hand through a solid object. Does it work?

- Try to inhale through your nose while holding it shut. Can you breathe?

- Look at a clock 2 or 3 times in a row. Does it read the same time?

- Look at your hands and count your fingers. Do you have the correct number? Are your hands glowing?

- Run your thumb along the ridges of the pyramid on the bracelet. Can you make it glow?

 If you observe an impossible outcome, congratulations you are dreaming! 




Black Onyx:  Protection from negative energy, development of strength and feeling of stability and groundedness. 


White Howlite:  Calm, centered mind and emotional balance.  Soothes anxiety.


Malachite:  Increased wealth, prosperity and generosity.  Provides mental comfort in times of struggle, and increased creativity and imagination to transcend hardship.


Lapis Lazuli: An Increased connection between the subconscious mind and the higher self.  Strengthens intuition and awareness of non-physical and energy forces.  Amplifies those “ah-ha!”  moments of insight and clarity.


Orange Topaz: Increased self-confidence, enhanced use of natural talents, sharpened decision-making skills and clarity in plan creation and execution.



Bracelet specifications:

Stones:  8mm Spheres (18 stones)

Circumference:  19 cm, 7.48 in

Fits wrists up to 8 inches around

Premium non-fibrous elastic cord stretches to fit over hand and provide a comfortable fit