Learn To Lucid Dream

Our goal at Josoubi is to create interesting reality check and mindfulness products to compliment your lucid dream lifestyle. But if you've never experienced lucid dreaming where do you start?

That's where these courses come in.  There are two courses that we wholeheartedly recommend to people just getting started.  The first is the 30 DayLucid Dreaming Bootcamp and the second is the Lucid Dreaming Fast Track


1. The 30 Day Lucid Dreaming Bootcamp:

 The name of this course says it all.  Stefan (the creator) provides you with a detailed yet concise ebook that covers induction techniques, reality check techniques, meditation, journaling, and more. The course also includes a day-by-day calendar guide that tells you what you should be focusing on everyday for each of the 30 days.  

The true genius behind this course is that it's designed around habit building.  Like any skill, lucid dreaming requires the development of many little habits.  The 30 Day Bootcamp teaches you how to properly develop these habits so that lucid dreaming eventually becomes effortless. 

If you are looking for a to-the-point, uncomplicated guide this is it.  Check it out here: 30 Day Lucid Dreaming Bootcamp


2. Lucid Dreaming Fast Track

This is probably the most beautifully presented lucid dreaming course available.  It's actually made by the same people behind the top-notch lucid dreaming supplement Claridream PRO.

The course is presented in 3 phases that take you step by step from a basic understanding of lucid dreaming, through practical application of lucidity techniques, all the way through dream stabilization and control to be able to extract the most meaning and insight from your lucid experiences. 

The lessons can even be accessed on tablets and other mobile devices, so you can keep learning no matter where you are. The content is detailed and thorough, and the beautiful interface really makes it a joy to use.  

You can see everything the Lucid Dreaming Fast Track has to offer by clicking here.