Lucid Dream Society

This is a great website with all sorts of really good information about this incredible ability that we all have (and most of us don’t even know it). 

Lucid Dream Society is really a one-stop source to learn about what lucid dreaming is, various induction techniques, and other resources like books and supplements.  

Also, they have an excellent page on waking sleep paralysis.  Often times spontaneous waking sleep paralysis will be someone’s first experience with the mind wake/body asleep state that can be used to enter into a lucid dream.  This can be a very unsettling experience for a person unfamiliar with the concept.  Fortunately, research into the condition will many times introduce someone to incredible world of lucid dreaming for the first time!

As a final thought on Lucid Dream Society, they have one of the coolest lucid dream related Instagram accounts out there.  We really recommend you check it out and follow them. You won’t be disappointed.  @luciddreamsociety