What Are Binaural Beats?

Binaural beats have been known for over 100 years to be able to guide the brain into targeted levels of operation by shifting its operating frequency through stereo sound.  For example:

  • Right ear is presented with 100Hz 
  • Left ear is presented with 105Hz tone.
  • The brain begins to generate brainwaves that are equal to the difference between the two tones.  In this case 5Hz.   


Our brains naturally generate brainwaves on a broad spectrum, usually depending on what activities we are engaged in at the time.  There is a tremendous amount of published information available on these different brain frequencies, but here is a general overview:



Gamma Waves - 30Hz - 100Hz: Highest frequency. Associated with complex information processing, learning, memory recall, heightened sensory awareness and transcendental spiritual states.  Daily meditation is best way to increase gamma brainwave production.

Beta Waves - 14Hz - 30Hz:  Typical waking state.  Associated with intense focus, logical thought, task completion, analytical thinking and motivation.

Alpha Waves - 8Hz - 14Hz:  The border between the conscious and subconscious.  Associated with relaxation, stress reduction, imagination meditation, and positive thinking.

Theta Waves - 4Hz - 8Hz:  The dream frequency.  Associated with REM sleep, deep relaxation, trance, intuition, creativity, blending of the physical and non-physical worlds and profound spiritual insight.  Often not experienced outside of sleep except in deep meditation. It is difficult to consciously reach this state, but can be achieved more quickly through regular use of binaural beats. 

Delta Waves - 0.5Hz - 4Hz:  Deep sleep and restoration.  Associated with deep dreamless sleep, healing, pain relief, tissue growth, regeneration and transformation.  This is where the unconscious mind operates. 


Many people find traditional binaural beats difficult to listen to because they are based on only one tone which can become irritating over time.  

Josoubi Harmonic Binaural Beats are constructed from layered tones to create a pleasing harmonic in each brainwave spectrum.  

Put on some headphones, and listen to this 20 second sample of our Alpha Harmonic: