"Am I Dreaming?" Reality Check Dream Journal

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When you awoke this morning, what dream memories did you have?  Did you write them down?  

Dream journaling is one of the most rewarding aspects of the life of a lucid dreamer.  The more consistent the journaling, the more rewarding the experience becomes.  When you begin to fill your journaling routine with meaningful objects, tactile sensations, and symbols, your daily dream journaling moves beyond routine; it can become a personal ritual.  And once you allow your dream recall and recording to take on the energy level of ritual, you exponentially increase your awareness for self-knowledge and self-discovery.

Designed with oneironauts in mind, this journal contains a subtle reality check debossed in the ultra-soft vegan leather cover.  Thick ivory paper, an extra wide satin ribbon marker, and an integrated pen loop all work together to provide a satisfying tactile and meaningful dream journaling experience.        



Size: 5.4” x 8.5”

Pages: 240 lightly lined pages.

Paper: Substantial 100gsm ivory paper for the perfect interplay between pen and paper.

Material: Padded ultra soft vegan leather, debossed with “Am I Dreaming?” Reality Check design.

Bookmark:  Thick 10mm attached ribbon bookmark, elegantly cut on the bias. 

Pen Holder:  Elastic pen holder so Dream Journal can be kept on the nightstand without the pen rolling off. 

Pocket:  Integrated back cover pocket.